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Become Unstoppable Now
with Maria Shapley!

Become Unstoppable Now is an online course designed to help you clear your unconscious blocks, improve energy levels and manifest your desires. After many years of research, I’ve combined the best tools and modalities I learned into a 5 phase course that will truly help you become unstoppable!



  • Access to Get Fit with Maria Workout Series - $55

  • How to Breathe And Feel Your Best Now - Ebook - $27

  • Access to the Buteyko Audio Guide


  • Future visioning & Reverse Engineering Goals

  • Building the Future you

  • Intuition Workbook

  • Motivation Station

  • Smarter Goals

  • Clarity Plan


  • The Buteyko Method - $200

  • Mindset Course - $200

  • Intuition Development - $200

  • Energy Clearing Techniques - $200

  • Manifestation - $200

  • 1 private session with Maria (60 minutes) - $250

The Buteyko Method

Covers the Buteyko Method course which are scientifically proven breathing exercises that increases oxygen delivery throughout the body. This is where we build our foundation through the breath, regulating breathing patterns, lowering the stress response, improving mental states and sleep so you can function optimally.

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Mindset Course

Phase 2 emphasizes the cultivation of a positive and resilient mindset. Students will engage with various psychological principles and exercises to understand how their thoughts influence emotions and behaviors. By focusing on growth mindset, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, this phase aims to empower students with the tools to overcome obstacles and approach life's challenges with a positive outlook.

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Intuition Development

The third phase centers on intuition development, tapping into the subconscious mind to harness inner wisdom and guidance. Through guided meditation, visualization exercises, and reflective journaling, students will learn to recognize and trust their intuitive insights. This phase aims to enhance decision-making and personal alignment, allowing students to connect with their unique path and purpose.

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Energy Clearing

In Phase 4, students delve into the realm of energy work and clearing techniques. They will explore concepts like chakras, aura cleansing, and grounding, learning how to identify and release energy blockages. Practical exercises and guided sessions will allow students to apply these techniques to their lives, promoting balance, healing, and emotional well-being.

BUN - phase 5.png


The final phase focuses on the art of manifestation, teaching students how to align their thoughts, emotions, and actions to attract desired outcomes. This phase combines elements from the previous sections, emphasizing clarity, intention, and action. Through various activities and projects, students will develop a personalized manifestation plan, setting them on the path to achieving their goals and realizing their dreams.

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